How long does gin last after opening?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: How long does gin last after opening?
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2 months.

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No.I highly doubt that.Since Gin is dead and they were just childhood friends.

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How long does whiskey last after opening?

At least a year or more.

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How long will an opened bottle of gin and vodka last?

Stored on it's side the alcohol will leach from the bottles closure and only store a few year's. Stored upright a bottle of gin (as any distilled spirit) will last indefinitely. This is because the contents are essentially dead and no more improvements occur with ageing.

Can you give me a long list of sweet cocktails?

A list of sweet cocktails includes Dirty Martini,Gibson, Gimlet, Gin Fizz, Gin Madra, Gin Sour,Gin and Tonic, Greyhound,Sloe Gin Fiz,Tom Collins, and many others.

How long will shiraz last in fridge when opened?

I wouldn't leave it longer than 3-4 days after opening.