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Q: How long does an insurance carrier have to pay a claim?
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How long does it take for auto insurance copanies to pay loss wage claim?

how long does it take for an insurance company to pay a loss wage claim

Do you have to pay taxes on a cancer insurance claim?

In the USA you do not pay taxes on the Proceeds from an Insurance Claim.

How long pay insurance premium to Insurance Company after truck accident?

You will continue to pay insurance premium to renew the policy,irrespective of the claim to be submitted after truck accident.

If your daughter's friend hit her car and claims he has no insurance is there any way to find out if he is really uninsured without a police report?

The best way to handle this is to file a claim with your own insurance company, assuming you have first party coverages on this vehicle. Your insurance company will pay for your damages, less your deductible, and will then subrogate your daughter's friend; subrogate means to recover the damages paid by your carrier. If the friend or his/her parents claim to have no insurance (in response to the letter your insurance carrier will send them), then your insurance carrier will ask them to reimburse the damages paid for your claim, to include rental reimbursement if you have that coverage and to include your deductible. ADDITIONALLY, your insurance carrier can check online to see if this family or individual does indeed have current auto liability coverage. However, it is a database that is not available to the public and a valid claim has to exist for a claim adjuster to run a check on an individual. Generally this is available only for reports/claims of Bodily Injury, but I have in the past, on a hunch, used it to determine the carrier of individuals involved with insureds whose claim was in my caseload.

If your primary insurance denies a claim for failure to have a referal will your secondary insurance pay the claim?

Read your policy

Can the at-fault driver's carrier insist on only paying your deductible even though you do not want to go through your insurance carrier for the balance?

Well, if they are going to pay the deductible directly to your insurance carrier and they except that, and pay for the claim themselves, it has nothing to do with you or your policy This question is a little open ended, but if you have reported the incident to your insurance and your going to accept the rest of the cost of repair out of your own pocket then their "deductible payment" would really just be viewed as a payment on your policy. Further lowering your next renewal cost or sometimes if you owe nothing the insurance my give this back to you. This would not be reflected necessarily as a claim issue.

IF Patient primary insurance denied claim because provider is not contracted with them will secondary insurance pay on the claim?


How long does the insurance company have to investigate a claim before payout?

I don't know, but they do pay interest on the $$$ from the date of death.

Do you pay taxes on the settlement of an insurance claim?

You do not generally have to pay taxes on an insurance settlement claim. You can check with your tax firm or accountant for the rules specific to your state.

Does a passenger in a car accident have to file a claim with their own insurance company?

When a passenger is injured in an automobile accident, and the driver of the automobile of which he/she is the passenger of, is "at Fault" for the accident, the passenger of that vehicle has the legal right to file a claim against that drivers insurance carrier. If on the other hand, the driver of the other vehicle is "at fault", then the passenger of vehicle that is "not at fault", has the legal right to file a claim against the other driver's insurance carrier. And whenever there are injuries sustained in an automobile accident, you should contact personal injury attorney or law firm to represent you against the filing of your claim against any insurance carrier. "At fault" accidents are not final just because a citation has been issued. When a carrier receives a claim against their company, they will launch their own investigation of the cause of accident, and review the police report, and speak with any independent and passenger witnesses who can provide statements concerning how the accident happened.At the end of the carrier's investigation, which will also include, taking pictures of both of the vehicles damages, will compile all of the information they get, to try to determine at that point, who was at fault. If their insured is determined to be at fault, the carrier will pay the claim for which the passenger has filed against them. If the carrier determines that the other driver was at fault, then the carrier will not pay the claim and deny liability. If this happens, the passengers legal representatives will automatically withdraw their lawsuit filed on your behalf, and file the lawsuit against the other drivers insurance carrier.I was in a one car accident where the car ran off the road to avoid hitting something. I was the passenger of the car. If my medical insurance from my job pay for the my hospital bills is the insurance company intitle to pay me back the money even though my insurance covered itIn the UK - the passenger would make a claim against the driver at fault. This driver would pass the details to his insurer who would indemnify him for the claim made against him. A passenger could not make a claim against his own insurer. To see the process for making a claim in the UK see the related link entitled "motor vehicle accident".

Can a claim against your homeowners be cancelled after it has been reported?

Generally, a claim can be cancelled. If you do not want the insurance to pay a claim, the company will be glad not to pay it.

What effect does a claim has on insurance company?

A claim is a liability on part of the insurance company. If a customer makes a claim it means that the insurance company has to pay the customer for the amount is eligible to claim and hence it is a expenditure on the balance sheets of the insurance company.