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They are not required to certify your copy of the policy. An Insurance declarations page (Policy Page) is already considered a legal document. I think most states will require that a copy be conveyed within 10 to 30 days depending on your state of residence.

Most companies will send a policy holders copy promptly on any request of their insured. Many companies now offer instant online policy access to insureds as well.

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Q: How long does a Insurance Company have to provide a Insurance policy certified copy to the Insured after request?
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What does the company Tech Insurance provide?

The company called Tech Insurance provides small businesses with cheap technological insurance. This insurance protects the company insured from liability if a technological error occurs.

Is Life Insurance Company of the Southwest FDIC insured?

FDIC only insures bank deposits. Insurance company obligations are insured to certain limits by state insurance guarantee boards. If you contact your state insurance department, they can provide you with the limits of that state's coverage.

What insurance companies provide company vehicle insurance in Miami, FL?

It is very important too keep your company vehicle insured. I would suggest contacting AllState insurance for a quote.

What countries does State Farm life insurance provide service in?

State Farm life insurance is owned by an American company so only people in the United States are about to be insured by them. There are other life insurance companies that you can be insured by if you live outside of the United States.

Can the insurance company at fault deny paing for treatment to injury from auto accident?

Sure. Remember that an insurance policy is a legal contract wherein the insurance company agrees to accept risk from the policy holder according to the terms of the contract. If the policy holder does not live up to the terms of the contract then the insurance company may deny coverage. For example, if the person lied to the insurance company on the application then the insurance company may deny coverage. One of the terms of the policy is that the insured agrees to inform the insurance company of all residents of the home as well as regular drivers. If the insured does not list his 17 year old child who drives one of the vehicles regularly and lives in the house and then the child has an accident the insurance company could not be expected to provide coverage for the accident. Since the insured broke the terms of the policy which is a legal contract then the company probably will not provide coverage because the insured committed material misrepresentation and lied in a significant manner on the application.

What type of products or services does a life company company provide?

A life insurance company provides the beneficiaries of the policy with money when the insured person dies. Some companies also provide other policies like critical illness plans.

Can the beneficiary collect on insurance if charged with death of the insured?

The beneficiary or nominee is to intimate the Insurance Company about the death of the insured, preferrably with a copy of the Death Certificate. The Insurance Co. will provide various forms for submission and conduct their own survey,by visiting the insured's home. After the forms duly filled in are submitted, the insurance co. generally try their best to clear the death claim earliest.

Does the beneficiary of a key man life insurance have to be the company?

The purpose of Key Man Life Insurance is to benefit the company and provide funds for them to recruit hire and train another key man should the insured die. It is the company that would suffer the loss and therefor is the beneficiary.

To have a company do you have to be insured in Texas?

Depends on the type of co. wether or not you need liability insurance. If you provide any kind of service in person, yes, but if it is something like retail, then insurance on the property would cover.

What is Principle of indemnity?

The principle of indemnity is an insurance principle stating that an insured may not be compensated by the insurance company in an amount exceeding the insured's economic loss. "Financial compensation sufficient to place the Insured in the same financial position at the time of a loss, as he was enjoying immediately prior to the loss"

Is there a health insurance comparison online?

There are over 2,458,668 people within the US that are insured and they used insurance comparison sites online to find the right company for them. If you go to they will provide you with all the information needed.

Can you collect on an American life insurance policy when the insured passes away out of the country?

Yes, as long as you provide the insurance company with an official death certificate, and death was not suicidal during the first two years of the policy