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No more than absolutely necessary - usually about 15 minutes in one sitting.

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Q: How long do you leave a heat lamp on?
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How long do you leave the light on for baby ball python?

if your referring to UV. daylight hours so between 6-10 hours is good. as for a heat lamp. it must remain on at all times however in summer depending on what country your in if its hot enough you can turn the heat lamp off threw summer.

How long do baby quails stay under a heat lamp for?

Six weeks

Why does the heat a snake feels from the heat lamp above him?

why does the heat a snake feels from the heat lamp above him

How long do you keep a heat lamp over a live chicken egg?

The Lamp goes in your brooder, the eggs go in your incubator. Regards

Will a love bird egg hatch if you put it under a lamp?

Depends how long it has been out of the nest and if the heat is enough. I don't think it will since a lamp wouldn't produce the right amount of heat.

Heat lamp is what kind of energy?

a heat lamp is dumb so dont use it

What happens if you leave the lights and heat for bearded dragons on all night?

It depends if you have a heat lamp or a regular lamp on....If you have a heat lamp on all night that is good for your beardie because it keeps him warm without disturbing his sleep it doesn't disturb his sleep because he can't see the uv light. If you have a regular light thenit might keep your beardie up.

What device converts electromagnetic radition into heat energy?

Heat Lamp. Is a lamp that shines heat energy ( electromagnetic Energy) into the form of heat.

How long does it take for a lava lamp to heat up?

It takes about 30-40 minutes before the wax inside the lamp is 'oozing' and flowing. After about 10 minutes, the wax will erupt from the bottom in a kind of stalagmite formation, which will then break up and sink to the bottom as it melts into liquid. Then the bubbles will start to rise and fall. The longer you leave the lamp on, the smaller the bubbles will be.

What do you use to keep a chick warm?

blanket and heat lamp (I recommend a blanket)

Can you place a hamster under a heat lamp?

do not place under heat lamp it may kill hamster!!!

How long does the heat lamp have to stay on for a gecko?

Leopard geckos should be on a 12 hour light cycle.