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The statute of limitations on personal injury as well as injury to personal property is 3 years in Michigan. You should immediately seek professional counsel if you have anymore questions.

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Q: How long do you have to file a personal injury lawsuit in an auto accident in Michigan?
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What is the Statutes of Limitations to file a burn injury lawsuit in Michigan?

The statute of limitations to file a burn injury lawsuit in Michigan is the same as for other personal injury cases: Three years with the discovery rule.

Can anyone recommend an auto accident lawyer in Michigan?

This site offers a directory of personal injury attorney in Michigan. Click on "personal injury" under "Select from The Following Topics" and then narrow your search from there. I recommend checking this personal injury attorney site: For accident lawyers in the state of Michigan:

If you win a lawsuit in a personal injury accident do you have to claim it as income on your income tax return?


What is the role of an injury solicitor?

When a person is in an accident, a personal injury solicitor may be hired to represent them in a lawsuit. When hiring a personal injury solicitor, make sure that he or she has extensive trial experience and feels confident in the case that will be presented.

What should I do in response to a personal injury lawsuit?

Get a Personal Injury Solicitor to help and defend you.

What is the length of a personal injury lawsuit?

That depends of the type of personal injury, and the details of the case.

Is it possible to get a lawsuit cash advance for a personal injury case?

Yes, it is possible to get a lawsuit cash advance for a personal injury case with the proper forms

Is the statutes of limitations for filing a medical drug lawsuit 3 years in the state of Michigan?

All personal injury cases in Michigan are limited to 3 years. That is from the time of discovery of the injury. There are other factors, so consult a Michigan attorney to determine what rights you may have.

Can you get an auto accident lawsuit loan?

Yes.A plaintiff most certainly can obtain an auto accident loan for their case if of course the lawsuit is already filed. Lawsuit funding companies provide financing for auto accidents and nearly all personal injury cases. You can simply apply or call them to learn more on obtaining a non-recourse cash advance for your auto accident lawsuit loan.If you have been involved in an accident, you should seek an attorney immediately.

What is the meanig of the phase personal injury?

Personal injury is not a thing, but a type of lawsuit. A personal injury lawsuit, to be more specific, is a type of tort law in which someone suffers injury-physically or emotionally-at the hands of another person who acted in a negligent manner. Proving negligence is the backbone of personal injury lawsuits. Below is a link with more detail.

How do you file a personal injury lawsuit in MASS.?

AnswerUnless you are licensed to practice law in the State of California, you cannot file a lawsuit. Only licensed attorneys in California may bring a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf. In order to pursue such a claim, it is necessary for you to hire a lawyer. As such, a personal injury attorney will be able to tell you about the complex legal issues you may face.If you have been injured in an accident, you should speak with an attorney right away because there are time limitations and deadlines in which you have to bring a claim. If you miss those deadlines, you forever lose your right to recover any compensation.Understand that in order to file a personal injury claim, you must:1. Demonstrate that the person charged with fault in your personal injury actually does bear legal responsibility.2. Prove that the damages you claim reflect your injury or loss accurately.If you would like to file a personal injury lawsuit, find a personal injury lawyer in California who specializes in personal injury law. Ask for referrals from friends or try the state bar.

What is the definition of Personal Injury Insurance?

you need to look into : life protection insurance, accident insurance (will cover personal injury)to cover yourself against an accident you need to look for an accident insurance.There is no PERSONAL INJURY INSURANCE. its called different.Personal Injury InsurancePersonal injury insurance is an insurance provided to ensure that should you suffer an accident or injury, you are paid a lump sum to ease the financial burden in the event.Personal injury covers a number of accidents and injuries. There is a distinct difference between personal injury insuranceand a personal injury claim.In effect, personal injury insurance is the same as Accident, Sickness and Unemployment (ASU) insurance.