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Q: How long do you feel fatigued and drowsy after fainting?
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What is Mild dehydration?

It means that you feel dizzyand feel like fainting when we stand undr the sun for a long time. It basically means you're thirsty, if you are fainting than it is more than mild dehydration.

Why do peoplewho have been in a closed room for long feel drowsy and the windows steam up?

They feel drowsy for lack of oxygen The windows steam up from the condensation of their breath. Their body-heat warms the room up and the windows are colder on the outside than on the inside.

Why do you feel drowsy while driving?

you may have been driving for an extremely long time or you may not have slept well the previous night

How long does it take to wake up after fainting?

about 10 minutes

What is sleepy?

You get sleepy, because after a long day you get worn out. So what you gotta do is lay down take a nap, and when you wake up you will so much better. Sleepy means to feel drowsy.

What is a good long sentence for the word drowsy?

Here is an example sentence with the word 'drowsy':I was feeling drowsy, and the temptation to fall asleep was growing with every second, but I forced myself to open my eyes wide and concentrate on the lesson.

What makes a driver drowsy and unable to concentrate?

Lack of sleep or breaks on a long trip can make a driver drowsy. In addition, alcohol or medications can lead to drowsiness.

How long are fainting goats pregnant?

Five months (150 days)

What diseases have fainting as a symptom?

Low blood pressure can cause fainting, especially after sitting or laying for a long time. Giving blood makes the problem worse for months.

What does right eye flickering mean?

Scientifically speaking our eye lids flicker or flutter or twitch because the muscle surrounding the eye is becoming fatigued. The muscle becomes fatigued after it has been constricting for long periods of time.

How long does fainting last?

Fainting can last from a few seconds to about two minutes. If a person remains unconscious for longer than two minutes, then he requires medical attention. So, an ambulance should be called.

What causes fainting. can you make yourself faint without acting or like suffocating or whatever?

If you stand too quickly after sitting for a while, blood can rush too quickly to your head, causing dizziness and possible fainting. If you stand for too long without moving and lock your knees, this prevents blood flow to the brain and will cause sudden fainting.