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It depends. The size of the generator and the usage in the house is going to determine how long it can be powered. My generator can power my house for about 1 hour.

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Q: How long can my entire home be powered by a portable generator?
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What kind of gas powered generator should I use for the coming apocalypse?

There are many types of generators, but I would recommend a Powerhouse portable gas powered generator for your bunker. They sell for $799 and are available at home depot stores or online.

What is the best kind of backup generator for my home?

You would need a small portable generator, either gas or diesel powered, and powerful enough for the amount of electrical power required by the appliances you plan to use with it.

Where can a person go to find deals on a portable home generator?

A person can find deals on a portable home generator on stores like Home Depot, Honda Power Equipment and Lowe's. One can also find deals on a portal home generator online on websites like Generac, Electric Generators Direct and Yamaha-Motor.

What is a portable generator?

Portable generator is a automotive electric device that's supply you emergency electric. You can use it for your home and business purpose. You can get more help from

What is a propane powered generator?

A propane-powered generator is a generator that is powered by propane instead of being battery powered or running on electricity. A generator is a device that generates electricity to power a home and/or heating and/or water system during a power outage. Propane-powered generators start easier and fast and need less time to warm up.

Where can one rent a portable generator in Halifax?

One can generate a portable generator at the hardware store. Halifax, Pennsylvania is the home of many hardware stores including ACE Hardware as well as Home Depot.

Whats the most reliable brand of a home generator?

There are several reliable Home Generators available on the Market. Here is a website that compares the "Most Reliable Portable Generators on the Market" for your review:

Should I purchase a portable diesel generator from Home Depot if it's safe?

Home Depot is a good place to look for a portable diesel generator. This store has a well trained staff that can answer your questions about the use and safety of their generators.

What are the best and cheapest options for home backup power?

In a hurricane zone, I believe your best bet would either be a portable gas generator or a permanent propane generator. A portable gas generator has more risks, but again, is portable so you would be able to move it different places.

What is a honeywell generator?

A Honeywell generator is a power generator manufactured by a company called Honeywell. They manufacture portable and inverter generators suitable for home or business requirements.

Does a solar powered generator home exist?

There are solar powered generator homes, but they are often passive solar, meaning they are designed to use the most of the sun's energy in both the summer and the winter.

What are the uses of a portable generator?

A portable generator could be beneficial to a construction worker in that it could be used to power their tools while at a construction site that does not yet have electricity hooked up. A housewife on the other hand could use a portable generator a backup source of power in case the electricity went out in her home.