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10 days.

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Q: How long can a person stay without sleep?
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How long can a person stay up without any sleep?

I'm pretty sure a week...but that's like a week and you die type thing, it's hard to stay up longer than 2-3 days without sleep. Signed, Kaguya Kaze

How long will a human have to stay awake for before it hilusonates?

About three days without any sleep what so ever.

How long can a person stay in the US without needing a visa if you are from another country?

If you enter through the Visa Waiver Program, a person can stay in the U.S. for a non-extendable 90 days.

How many days following one another can a person work 12 hour shifts?

well a person can only stay up about 2 days without sleep so 4 shifts

How long to sleep aids last in your body?

Sleep aids can stay in a person's system for up to 72 hours. This explains why some sleep aids can cause grogginess even after a person has gotten a full night's sleep.

How long was Juliet suppost to stay a sleep for?

3 days

How long can kids stay sleep?

They can stay if there's not that much light in their room! If there not to much noise!

How long do you need to stay up when you blackout?

You need good sleep

How long can a person safely stay awake?

Well if your asking hours I can't answer that. But I've heard that you can stay awake for 11 days. But don't try it you need your sleep

How long a person with a green card stay outside the US during the calendar year without risking their legal status?


How long does Tylenol Simply Sleep stay in your system?

4-6 hrs

Did the slaves get any sleep?

Yes, the human body can not stay alive without sleep for more than 2 weeks weather your a slave or not.