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Haven't you ever seen The 80-Year-Old-Virgin starring Steve Carrell?

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Q: How long can a male go on without being sexually relieved?
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How long can a cow go without being milked?

a cow can go three days without being milked.

How long can a seed live without being planted and or can it last a whole winter without being planted?

Seeds can typically live for a few weeks to several years without being planted, depending on the species. They can survive over a winter if stored properly in a cool, dry place that protects them from moisture and pests. Some seeds have built-in mechanisms to remain dormant until conditions are optimal for germination.

How long can a female Betta live without being fertilized?

She can live her whole life without it.

How long does an outdoor cat live without being fed?

it can live to about a couple of days

How long a woman can go without sex without suffering?

It all depends on how you condition your body. If you have sex every day for a month and then not for a week, your body will be expecting it and not be getting anything so you will become sexually frustrated. If you go without sex for a long time, such as several years, your body will not care about it as it is no longer a part of your life.

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Died: Fort Sam Houston, TX, 7 January 1949; Age: 58

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1 day

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until it dies

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24 to 48 hrs

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10-35 yrs

How do you give yourself blue balls?

There is no such medical condition as "Blue Balls". It is a term used to description what happens when a male gets sexually stimulated over a long period of time but doesn't get to ejaculate. In that circumstance the testicles do get active in anticipation of the ejaculation and the tissue swells, causing an aching discomfort. The discomfort is usually relieved by the ejaculation. It can also be use to describe a long period of abstinence.

How can you talk to a guy who you have not talked to in a long time without it being awkward?

To talk to a guy that you have not talked to in a long time without it being awkward, just talk to him. Talk about things that both of you think about, and make sure that you are honest.