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Most states have Financial Responsibility Laws that require owners and operators of vehicles to maintain liability insurance. Some states allow other ways to show financial responsibility for the payment of damages caused by you to others, such as a bond of some sort.

In general, a license suspension can result from a collision in the following way:

1. Collision results in damages exceeding an amount provided by the Financial Responsibility Law

2. You are ticketed for the collision and convicted of the offense

3. You fail to voluntarily pay the damages resulting from the other car. At that point, the insurer that paid for the repairs of the car that you hit, which has acquired its inured right to collect the cost of repairs, can apply for the suspension of your license. If done then, the suspension is only for a limited period, such as 1 year.

4. If the insurer then sues you to get its money back (a process called subrogation) and wins, a judgment will be entered against you.

5. If the judgment remains unpaid for a stated period of time which varies by state (often, 30 days), the insurer can send a certified copy of the judgment and other court documentation to the driver's license authorities. Your license will then be suspended until arrangements are made to pay the judgment.

6. In theory, if you do not make those arrangements or have the judgment discharged in bankruptcy, your license will remain suspended for the life of the judgment. That period of time varies by state.

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Q: How long can a insurance company keep a lien on your driver license?
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Can an insurance company keep you from renewing your license to collect a debt?

No. They have no such authority.

What can you do if an insurance company puts a judgment in against you to take your driver's license?

They can not do so. They file judgments against you because you owe them money. Pay the money that you owe them if you want to keep the privelidge of driving. That is your responsibility as a driver.

Can you get auto insurance with out a license?

Follow the steps below to help you get car insurance without a driver's license.Contact insurance providers in your area to obtain insurance quotes. Many insurance companies may not even ask if you have a valid driver's license.Explain to insurance companies, if asked, why you're without a driver's license. If it's because you're under suspension or revocation for no auto insurance, then the provider will likely give you 30 to 45 days to get your license back or the policy will expire.Pass the driver's exam if you're just reaching the legal driving age. If that is the case, most insurance companies will cover you with a driver's permit and then require proof of your license when you pass the test.Take proof of insurance to the court if you're under license suspension or revocation for no insurance, and the court will reinstate your driving privileges. Be aware that you may have to pay a fine as wellShow the insurance company proof that your license is now valid so that you can keep your insurance policy active.Best Wishes

Can an 18 year old get a non drivers insurance just to have a license?

Typically you don't need insurance in order to have a driver's license. If however you have violations on your driving record and are required to have an insurance policy in order to keep you license you should have no problem getting a non-owners policy.

How can an insurance company cancel your insurance due to a family member not on any of your policy's having their license suspended?

The family member needs be excluded to keep your insurance in effect.

My wife doesn't have a drivers license can that stop me from getting auto insurance?

That shouldn't keep you from getting auto insurance as long as she is not listed as a designated driver of your vehicle. If your uninsured wife should drive and be involved in an accident with another driver, your insurance will not pay.

What to do after a car insurance company denies your claim?

The only step you have left is to sue the driver of the other vehicle. Keep in mind, it is your responsibility to prove that the other driver was at fault.

Does an 18 year old have to have auto insurance to keep a drivers license?

No. He has to have auto insurance to keep driving.

How can I get a low rate on car insurance for a teen driver?

You can't, to be honest. Some things you can do to lower it a little are keep the teen's grades up and have him or her take a driver's ed course before getting his or her license.

Who is at fault for insurance purposes in a hit and run and I was the victim?

In a case that is like this, the insurance company can pay under uninsured motorist and attempt to collect when the hit and run driver is found. Although it is not your fault the insurance company will keep a record and note if you have a repeat of this happening.

How long do you have to keep your driver's permit in California before obtaining the driver's license?

6 months

Will a grand theft felony keep you from getting an insurance license?

Pretty much yes, that would exclude you from being approved for an insurance license