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depends on alot of things what the gasket is made of, the type of driving conditions, the engine size, make and model,how well you maintain the vehicle , ive seen gasksets go 20 to 30 years my head gasket made it 203,000 miles before blowing and that was with me racing the car so it depends would be the best answer

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Q: How long can a Head gasket last before failure?
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How long can a head gasket leak last before failure?

If a head gasket is leaking, it has already failed and needs to be replaced and if you keep driving this vehicle you will bey buying a new engine.

How many miles should you be able to drive before needing to replace a head gasket seal?

A head gasket does not wear out and there is no specific reason for replacing one unless it fails. Usually, head gasket failure is related to engine overheating that causes the heads to warp. Thank you, but it's not the head gasket that has broken. I had the seal replaced last year because it was cracked/leaking and leaking oil. And now the garage says it needs replacing again. Should it been leaking again so soon (after 13,000 miles)?

How long should a head gasket last?

Normally it will last the life of the engine. However if the engine overheats the gasket can be ruined immediately.

How long does head gasket seal last?

Not very long as it is only an emergency repair. The only fix for a blown head gasket is to replace it.

Can you use a sealant for a head gasket?

Never use sealant for a head gasket! It is used as a quick fix for cracks in the gasket but will not last very long. Safer to get the job done correctly.

Fiat Punto had head gasket repaired May last year has gone again not sure what to do?

sorry to say the head gasket wasnt done properly the last time go back to the bloke who done it and wack him i had the same thing they are ment to skim the head after the gasket change

What is the expected life span of a Peugeot 307 head gasket?

Most head gaskets do in fact last the life of the car. The major cause of a head gasket failiure is lack of antifreeze in the system. antifreeze contains corrosion inhibitors which prevent the head gasket rotting and then blowing.

How do you fix head gasket without opening engine?

You can't. The only fix for blown head gasket is to replace it. Anything else is just a temporary emergency repair and will not last.

What causes 2001 intrigue 3.5 liter to over heat?

The three most common reasons are, in no particular order: Failure of the cooling fans (either fuse, relay, or sensor failure) Failure of the coolant cap to hold pressure Air bubbles trapped in the system from the last coolant service Other less common reasons include: Failure of the fan from a failed fan motor Cracked head or bad head gasket allowing exhaust in the cooling system Water pump failure Plugged radiator fins

How long should a head gasket last in the engine of a car before replacing it?

My 1971 chev truck has 319,000 miles on it & the heads have never been off - If U don't overheat the engine & KEEP the oil changed U shouldn't have a head gasket problem.* keep antifreeze & water pump lube in the radiator.

What are some causes of engine oil leaks?

Gasket failure (they don't last forever). Warping of the two mating surfaces, loose bolts.

Have a 87 Chevy silverado with a 350 5.7 blowing white smoke how do you tell if its the head gasket or the intake manifold gasket will i damage if i drive it just started last week.?

it can be many things like valve seals, piston rings and the head gasket but if its the head gasket it will start over heating and check radiator when idling if you see air bubles. good luck