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Any time you like and you spread it around.

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Q: How long before you can swim after adding alkalinity increaser to your pool and where do you put it?
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How long to wait when Adding alkaline increaser and swimming?

Depending on quantity added -- about half hour.

How long after adding shock can you add alkalinity to a pool?

24 hrs

How long do you let a pound cake cool before adding glaze?

A pound cake needs to cool to room temperature before adding glaze.

After finding out that your Alkalinity was too low we added alkalinity up - How long will it take for the cloudiness to go away - All the other chemicals were perfect?

Run system 24/7. Recheck your readings (all of them) and readjust. Try adding a little baking soda unless you still have the alk up left and test again in 20 min (with circulation on). Continue this until you get a stable reading on the pH and alkalinity.

How long to wait to go swimming after putting alkalinity in pool?

one hour

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How long before swimming after adding calcium chloride?

After adding calcium chloride to a swimming pool, you should wait at least 2 hours before swimming. It is recommended however that a full filtration cycle be allowed before entering the water.

How long do you have to wait to swim after adding Muriatic acid to hot tub?

you have to wait about 20 minutes before you can get in.

How long do you have to wait before swimming after adding calcium chloride to the pool?

I'd wait for at least two hours before going in the pool.

How long should you wait to swim after adding PH minus?

You should wait a couple of hours before swimming in a pool after adding PH minus. Check your water before swimming to ensure that the PH has been lowered.

How long it takes for alkalinity to clear pool water?

It takes approximately 2 days or 48 hours for alkalinity to clear pool water. During the clearing process, it is best not to go into the pool.

Is it okay if you boil water before putting it in your betta's bowl?

Its ok as long as you let the water cool to room temperature before adding the water back to the bowl, or adding the betta to the water. Also, it is completely unnesseary to boil before putting in your betta's bowl.

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