How long be GM cars last compared to Toyota?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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Toyota usually lasts longer but Saturn lasts pretty long for a GM car

AnswerGM vehicles, when properly maintained, can last as long as any other vehicles on the road.
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Q: How long be GM cars last compared to Toyota?
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What is the best car that can last a long time?

Cars that can last you a long time would be toyota, honda, and nissan. Toyota has been none to have cars last 300k to 400k miles more then any car. Honda 280k to 390k miles. Nissan 280k to 300k miles.

Most reliable used cars?

The best and most reliable used cars are generally Toyota's and Honda's. Both cars are Japanese models and tend to last as long as 15 years if well maintained.

How long will a Mazda motor last?

They will usually last just as long as a Toyota or Honda.

How long has Japanese cars been around for?

Toyota first started producing cars in 1935. Honda started in 1948.

How long does a Camaro last?

Most cars will last as long as they are cared for. My Camaro is a 1986 and is running strong and well.

How long will toyota's last?

that depends on how much u drive and how you look after it

How long does serpentine belt last?

If you have a Toyota only 40,000 miles!

How long does the timing belt last for a 2007 Toyota Corolla?

A 2007 Toyota Corolla does not have a timing belt. It has a timing CHAIN. It is expected to last the life of the car.

Is the Toyota Yaris a compact car?

Toyota Yaris is a subcompact car. It was produced by Toyota since 1999. It has the rank of number 23 in Affordable Small Cars by U.S. News. It has a long history.

How long do distributors for cars last?

Normally they last the life of the engine or longer. No real guarantee.

How long does cars 2 last?

1 hour and 46 minutes

How long does a hydrogen car last?

Who knows as there are no hydrogen cars in production.