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Q: How long after consuming assure is it effective for?
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How can a computerized database become efficient and effective for a school?

time consuming

What department was created to assure the coordinated effective administration of the transportation programs of the federal government?

department of transportation

Is the pen and paper diet effective?

What makes this effective is the keeping track of what you have been consuming and or doing. The best type of diet tho is one with plenty of exercise.

What are the advantages of taking the Gautrain?

Cost effective, safe way to travel, not time consuming, promotes tourism, relieves traffic congestion :)

What is the meaning of long-winded?

Long-breathed; hence, tediously long in speaking; consuming much time; as, a long-winded talker.

What is a sentence for assure?

I have assurance of salvation in Gods word.

Why does a teacher need to be both effective and efficient?

Teachers need to be able to teach the required curriculum and cover necessary topics, but they also must accomplish this in a limited amount of time. So, they have to assure their lessons are effective and concise to get the job done.

What would a long time consuming speech on the senate floor be called?

A filibuster

How long after consuming alcohol can a Muslim go for pilgrimage?

There is no minimum period limit for a Muslim to go for pilgrimage (hajj) after consuming alcohol. However, it is important for him/her to repent sincerely, intend to stop consuming alcohol, and to ask God for forgiveness.

Is gravity the most effective force over long distances?

Gravity is the most effective over long distances.

Is assure a verb?

Yes, the word assure is a verb.

What is the sentences of assure?

I assure you that my facts are correct.What can you do to assure us that you won't re-offend if we release you on parole?I tried to assure her that her nose wasn't too big for the balaclava.