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The time for filing a lawsuit depends upon the nature of the claim and the State. I am not clear as to whether by "personal" you mean a bodily injury claim. If you do, each State has its own body of statutory law setting forth the time periods.

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Q: How long after an accident can i make a personal claim?
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After an accident how long does one have to file a personal injury compensation claim?

I really feel this has a lot to do with the state you live in and which insurance company you have. If you live in New York, I believe you have 24 hours to make a claim.

If you have a car accident and don't make a claim does it still count as a claim?

no you have to make a claim for it to be regestered as a claim

How long do you have to file an insurance claim after an accident?

Each state has different time periods of filing an insurance claim after an accident. Check with you state to make sure you do not miss the filing period.

How long can you make a claim regarding auto accident injury in New Jersey?

The statute of limitations on tort cases involving personal injury in that state is 2 years from the time of the discovery of the injury.

How can one receive compensation for personal accident claims?

In order to receive compensation for personal accident claims one has to make sure they qualify for a compensation. If one is able to make a claim it is important to make the claim as soon as possible. Taking notes on how the accident, injury, etc. happened is as important as gathering eyewitnesses. After this going to a solicitor is the next step. The solicitor will explain further steps and how to deal with the paperwork and so on.

Can you make a claim on your Personal Injury Protection if you had an accident in an auto that has no PIP if your other auto on the same policy does?

Yes, I think you can, (subject to state laws and policy exclusions), turn the claim in for the answer.

How long after an accident should someone make an auto insurance claim?

One should make an auto insurance claim after an accident right after the incident occurs. If you wait, witnesses might forget what happened or leave and injuries may not be documented well.

How long do you have to file personal injury claim in auto accident in Georgia?

One would think that they would get this done within a couple days at the most, if only to make certain that the claim would be processed. Call the insured's company and ask them about this. Certainly, if one has waited past 30 days, the claim may not be honored.

How does one make an injury claim for an occupational accident?

The first step should be to make a claim through your employer's accident procedures. This will at least register the accident. If one is seeking compensation one should contact a lawyer who specializes in injury claims.

What information does a person need to supply in making an accident insurance claim?

In order to make an accident insurance claim, one must provide the details of the accident and, if relevant, who was involved. The date and time of the accident and the extent of the damage are also necessary.

What happens if a guilty party cancel their car insurance after a claim has been submitted?

It would make no difference as long as they had coverage on the date and time of the accident. They can cancel the policy after the accident and coverage would still be provided.

What is the best way to initiate a road traffic accident claim?

The best way to initiate a road accident claim is to make sure the police are called first. A report by the officer will help the claim be accepted easier and reviewed.