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24 hrs

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2012-07-05 20:53:28
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Q: How long after adding shock can you add alkalinity to a pool?
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Will adding a flocculant to the pool water lower the Total Alkalinity?


How long before you can swim after adding alkalinity increaser to your pool and where do you put it?

Any time you like and you spread it around.

When can you swim after adding alkalinity to pool water?

Your question is confusing. You do not add alkalinity to a pool, alkalinity is a measurable component of a pools chemical balance. You normally only have to worry if a pools alkalinity is low and then the only impact is on the pool equipment. Baking soda is added to raise alkalinity, which is harmless to people so you can add baking soda to a pool while people are in it.

How soon can you get in the pool after adding shock?

about 6 hour after shock or sooner if you use a shock and swim

How long should it take for pool water to clear up after adding shock?

Anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks after adding the Shock, depending the extent of the problem and several other chemical factors (pH, alkalinity, conditioner, etc.). If you don't see any improvement in 1-3 days, I would suggest taking a water sample to your local pool supplies dealer. They can test it for you and recommend an appropriate course of action to get you pool back to normal as soon as possible.

What is the purpose of adding muriatic acid to a pool?

To lower pH (and in combination with aeration to lower total alkalinity),

How do you turn a saltwater pool to a chlorine pool?

Stop adding salt to the pool and use tablets and shock when needed.

Will chlorine shock raise the TA?

Chlorine will not raise the total alkalinity level in a pool. However, if you are trying to raise the total alkalinity, you can add small amounts of baking soda.

How soon can you shock your pool after adding stabilizer?

Any time you like

How long it takes for alkalinity to clear pool water?

It takes approximately 2 days or 48 hours for alkalinity to clear pool water. During the clearing process, it is best not to go into the pool.

Why did your pool water turn green immediately after adding pH plus?

Your pool water turned green immediately after adding pH Plus because the chemical had increased the pH level to high. You may need to adjust the alkalinity levels of the water using another pool chemical such as pH Minus of pH Alkalinity Plus.

How do you stop zoological growth in pool?

Proper chemistry: pH, Chlorine, Alkalinity, TDS. Once all of that is okay, shock the pool once in a while with chlorine if need be.

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