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Her whole life.

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Q: How long a women can go without sex?
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Is it harder for men or women to go without sex?

Definitely men. A woman can at least go a day without thinking or talking about it. Lol. I don't think men have a capable quality to shut off the sex center of the brain.

How long a woman can go without sex without suffering?

It all depends on how you condition your body. If you have sex every day for a month and then not for a week, your body will be expecting it and not be getting anything so you will become sexually frustrated. If you go without sex for a long time, such as several years, your body will not care about it as it is no longer a part of your life.

Can women live without sex for more than a month or year?

Women can live without sex forever if that's what they want. Some women have never had sex. Today's society makes it appear that everyone, everywhere, is having sex, and that is just not true. Some people are too shy or backward to ever have sex. Others just don't feel right at all to try to have sex, so of course, they don't. Just like not everybody wants to go skydiving from a plane, or go rock-climing or bungee jumping.. not everybody wants to have sex.

If you are a man how do you become a women?

you go get a sex change.

How does sex think?

how to make without go?!?!?!

How many days can pass a women without sexual intercourse?

A woman can go a lifetime without sex. Men too. Just think about nuns and monks. It wont harm a woman to not have intercourse. Most women don't orgasm from intercourse alone anyway.

How long does sex go for?

about a week..... if you last that long

What happens in A day without fuel?

you go have sex

Can a teenager go mentally unstable without sex?


How long can rats go without food?

they can go pretty long without food but not to long without water

How long can women go without sex?

This is what the answer used to be: "we can go with out sex for a verry long time unlike men we have more decency and we dont have a verry big of an erg. if you need any more answers you can e-mail me at"This woman is an idiot. That is not an answer to the question. Different women can go different lengths of time without sex, and it has nothing to do with being "more decent" or not having a substantial "erg". Woman are thought to be able to go longer without sex because unlike men, they do not need to empty a pair of testicles regularly to be healthy. But it's different for every woman. Depending on how skilled they are at disciplining themselves, they can go indefinitely. However, it's healthy to give yourself sexual release when you feel that you need it. There's nothing indecent about it. It's also a myth that woman have weaker sexual urges than men (or as our Lady Erica of the Idiocy would say, "ergs"). Women have very powerful sex drives, but they manifest differently. I supposed Erica has never seen a woman have a g-spot orgasm, or a series of "rolling orgasms", or squirt ejaculate 10 feet. A woman's sex drive is not only one of the most powerful things on the planet, the human female is widely considered to be able to achieve the greatest sexual pleasure of all sentient creatures.So how long can woman go without sex? As long as she can stand it.E-mail Erica if you'd like some more puritanical misinformation.

Can a 13 year old go into heat without sex?

Humans do no go 'into heat'.