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Water is used by the body's cells to help them function. Water helps protect and lubricate certain parts of the body, such as the spine and joints. Also, drinking enough water will help the body efficiently flush out waste through the intestines, kidneys, and sweat glands.

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Q: How is water used in the human body and why is it so important?
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Where is water used in the human body?

in the brain so u have energy in your body

Why water is important to human body?

Water is important to the body due to many factors. 1. Many biochemical and biophysical processes and functions in the body depends on water for transport of/creation of molecules. Water is also used in the Crebs Cyclus, which takes place in Mitochondria of your cells. If your cells are not able to finish the crebs cyclus, your body is not able to create energy (ATP) and your organism dies.

What are the human activities that affect water quality?

One human activity that can affect water quality is polluting in water, such as dumping your oil into a body of water that is used for a water source.

Does the human body use plutonium?

Plutonium is not used in the human body.

How is calcium used by the human body cells?

It is used to strengthen bones in the human body.

What are the functions of phosphorus in human body?

Important in the production and maintenance of teeth and bone. Used to help regulate the acid/base balance in the body.

What is Ceruloplasmin used for in the body?

Ceruloplasmin is an enzyme that is important in the human body. It is synthesized by the liver. It carries much copper and has a major role in iron metabolism.

Is technetium used in the body?

Technetium is not used by the human body.

Why can a radioisotope be used as a tracer in the human body?

A radioisotope can be used as a tracer in the human body because tracers are used in the imaging the body's organs and tissues.

Why is osmosis important in human physi?

Osmosis is the term used to describe the movement of water through cells. Osmosis is important because all cells need water in order to survive.

What functions in the human body require water?

It uses water to hydrate the cells of the body, essentially not letting them shrivel up and die, causing the human to die. Without the hydration of cells from water, the cells of the body would either overheat, or shrivel up because there is not enough moisture for the cells to work with.

How is thorium used for in the human body?

Thorium has no biological role. Thorium is a heavy, radioactive metal which is not used in the human body.