How is oxyen Good?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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because it helps u breath

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Q: How is oxyen Good?
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Does oxyen have to be present in glycosis?


What product are not from plants?

oxyen sun water

Is a oxyen a compound or a element?

Oxygen is an element.

What are the disadvantages of cutting the forest?

we will lose oxyen

What is a chemical property of oxyen?

Non flammable

What is the melting and boiling point of oxyen?


How do humans float in water?

its do do with how much oxyen we have inside us

How do you balance sulfur and oxyen?

The simplest reaction is: S + O2 = SO2

What elements are found in protein molecules?

oxyen hydrogen carbon and nitrogen

What is used when the oxyen supply is inadequate over time?

Anaerobic respiration is used when the oxygen supply is inadequate over time. This process allows cells to continue producing ATP for energy without the need for oxygen, but it is less efficient than aerobic respiration. It produces lactic acid as a byproduct in animals and ethanol in yeast and bacteria.

What two products made during the photosynthesis reaction?

oxyen and water

What are the two substances that must be transported to a cell?

oxyen and carbon dioxide