How is mucus destroyed?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: How is mucus destroyed?
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How can the cells in the stomache make HLC and not be destroyed?

There is a mucus lining produced in the liver or pancreas that protects the stomach from getting destroyed.

What is mucus?

Mucus is that green stuff inside your nose. It's also inside your throat-it's there to (hopefully) stop viruses, bacteria and anything else that may start a disease getting inside your body. You swallow it and they get destroyed in the stomach. Mucus is the slimy matter secreted by your mucous membranes to provide lubrication and protection from germs. An example is the mucus in your nose.Mucus as in mucus plug, and mucus membrane.

Microorganisms removed from incoming air by sticky mucus are most likely to be destroyed by?

action of cilia

Microorganisms removed from incoming air by the sticky mucus of the respiratory tract are most likely destroyed by?

the action od cillia

What is the difference between mucus and mucous?

The word "mucus" is used with mucus membrane; mucus membrane secretes mucous.

How do you use mucus in a sentence?

mucus- mucus in the lungs makes breathing difficult

What does the esophagus secrete?


What is the correct spelling for mucus?


What traps dust in respiratory system?

mucus!!!!!!mucus trap the dirt in the trachea!

What are bogeys made of?

Mucus and a dust a mucus and a dust a mucus and a dust, the Addams Family!!!!!!

What protects the large intestine?


Can your mucus plug be yellowish green?

Yes its perfectly normal for mucus plug to be tinged Green or Yellow. Mucus plus means exactly that .. Mucus..