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It is quite dangerous to hold going to the bathroom because you could be more likely to get several types of bladder infections from urine that is held for a long period of time. You are also more likely to have bathroom accidents from holding urine.

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Q: How is it dangerous to hold going to the bathroom?
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as you know dogs are like humans and cant hold the bathroom for that long.So im going to say about 1 to 2 hours or so

Is it dangerous not to wipe after going to the bathroom?

Yes, because you can get an infection "down there." It can also be a problem in terms of body odor.

How much water does bathroom sink hold?

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It depends on what you are doing, but if you're not doing something that forces you to be in one spot for a while, I'd advise going to the bathroom. It is not healthy to hold it in.

Is it always dangerous to have appliances in the bathroom?

not usually

What would it be like to have a television in your bathroom?

Dangerous - electricity and water don't mix. But how long do you spend in the bathroom?

Is going to the bathroom unheathy?

Going to the bathroom is a necessary body function. In that respect, going to the bathroom is healthy. It can become unhealthy if you do not use healthy practices, like washing your hands after eliminating.

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To say 'He is going to the bathroom' you would say 'Va al baño.'

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