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Emotion healthy affects reasoning. And if one is healthy emotionally, such a person wont be able to think straight.

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Q: How is emotional heath unhealthy?
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Givign and receiving love helps develop positive emotional health?

giving and receiving lovve helps develop positive emotional heath.

What are the three sides of the heath triangle?

Physical health, Mental/Emotional health, and Social health.

What is the dimension of heath?

Physical health, intellectual health, emotional health, spiritual health and social health

What happens when emotional needs are not met in dv?

People will try to compensate in other unhealthy ways.

What addictions may signal emotional problems?

Men also are plagued by addictions to nicotine, alcohol, and other drugs, which are often the unhealthy escape routes from deeper emotional issues.

Is lying unhealthy?

Yes. Lying is unhealthy. It causes grief and guilt on your end and may cause emotional and mental trauma (if the lie is big enough). Also, there is a risk of public embarrassment if you are caught.

How many sources does unhealthy communication have?

Unhealthy communication can be caused by a number of sources. One major source is past emotional and physical trauma, which can cause a person to either shut down or lash out with words.

Is it okay to do steroids if your not in a sport?

no its definitely not okay. It has serious emotional, psychological effects on your body causing you to become unstable and is extremely unhealthy.

Why did heath leader die?

Heath Ledger has mentioned at one point that playing the very dark part of the Joker in the Batman series took an emotional toll on him. Due to this, he was heavily medicating himself to help deal, and an accidental overdose occurred.

Is Heath Ledger emotional?

yes, in the movie Candy, he cried more off screen than on screen when he was hold the "dead Baby" because he just had Matilda

Is pet heath good or bad?

The best way to find out if your pets health is good or bad is by taking them to the vet for a check up. This will rule out any illness or unhealthy parts of the pet.

Why is it important to talk about your feelings?

Because not sharing your feelings and keeping them bottled up is very unhealthy physicaly and emotionally, it can also lead to emotional disorders