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The vein is used quite frequently to by pass blockage. The veins are first recovered and prepared by removing any valves. It is then reversed and joined by suturing to the artery above the obstruction and the lower end is joined below the obstruction so that blood can bypass and flow through this new venous channel past the obstruction .

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Q: How is a vain used to bypass a blockage?
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Where can I find more information on cost of bypass?

According to, bypass surgery costs approximately $20,000 in the United States and $10,000 in Canada. Bypass surgery is necessary if a patient is diagnosed with arterial blockage.

What is an Endarterectomy?

Endarterectomy is an operation to remove or bypass the fatty deposits, or blockage, in an artery narrowed by the buildup of fatty tissue

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If someone has a heart attack can that person's body perform its own heart bypass?

There is such a thing as the heart or even other areas developing collateral veins around the blockage

What is the most common Heart Disease treatment ?

Heart bypass surgery is one of the common treatment for heart disease. Through diagonsis has to be made before deciding the heart disease treatment. Heart bypass surgery removes the blockage of blood going to the heart.

Difference between stunt and bypass surgery of heart?

A stent is basically a hollow tube : put into an artery to force it to stay open. Bypass surg is just that : a vesicle is sewed in parallel to the blocked one so that blood can "bypass" the narrow area.

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Heart bypass surgery is performed when one has a blockage in one or more of their coronary arteries. When one or more coronary arteries are blocked, the heart does not receive enough oxygen and the patient may have chest pain or damage to the heart.

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