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It depends on your own personal hair texture. If you have thick curly hair, you'll want to use a higher temperature. If you have thin hair, it's better to use a lower temperature because the higher one can really damage your hair. If you have a knob on your flat iron to change the temperature, start out on a low temperature. If it doesn't work well, try going a little higher until it seems to be working well enough for your hair.

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Q: How hot should a flat iron get to work well?
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How do straighteners work?

well it depends on your hair and your flat iron. if you have a good flat iron and really wavy hair or just wavy hair it might take a little longer than nicer hair.

Does the GHD flat iron live up to the hype or is the CHI better?

Well they both work great BUT the GHD works way better :)

Can you flat iron your hair after you blow dry it?

yes because if your hairs dry it will work =-]

How do you make your hair straight without using a flat iron?

You can use a curling iron, put the gel/chemicals in it, or just keep brushing it through until its not as curly anymore. With having curly hair, i know these work, but it may work better with just using a flat iron.

How well does a Conair curling iron work?

Very well.

How does a modern flat-iron work?

The intense heat of a flat iron is key to its effectiveness. Low quality flat irons are typically made of aluminum and sprayed with a ceramic coating. These require longer to straighten the hair. More expensive flat irons are often completely ceramic.

Which flatening iron will work best for my curly hair?

The CHI GF1001 Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron will work best because it will not overheat and it is also very easy to clean.

Is it better to flat iron or hot comb?

hot comb try if it doesn't work call me

Does the Remington wet 2 straight flat iron work?

Yes the wet to straight flat iron works..and really good too...i like the fact that you can use while your hair is wet and it wont burn it =D

What hair care products work best for someone who wants to straighten their curly hair with a flat iron?

Again the type of product best used for straightning curly hair with a flat iron depends on the type of hair you have. If you have very thick and curly hair, bed head and biosilk work wonders. Thinner hair should use a serum versus a balm like Matrix biolage serum.

Do you need a license to flot iorn and corl hair?

To flat iron or curl your own hair? No. To work in a salon curling or flat ironing someone's hair? Yes, you do.

What is the formula for iron and sulfur?

How should I know? I was trying to work this out to!