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You can certainly jump lower anywhere. That's as easy as a contest to see who can

talk softer. But you can also jump higher on Mars, because the acceleration of gravity

on its surface is only about 38% of what it is on Earth's surface.

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You can just higher than on Earth.

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Roughly three times the amount on earth

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Q: How high can a astronaut jump on on mars surface?
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What would the current sandstorm would feel like to an astronaut on the surface of mars?

Sandstorms on mars can be very intense with high wind velocity and durations of weeks or even months.

How high can you jump on mars in metric system?

The gravity on Mars is about 38% of Earth's gravity. Based on this, a person's jumping height would be roughly 2.6 times higher on Mars compared to Earth, assuming all other factors are the same. However, the actual height a person can jump on Mars would still depend on various factors like their strength, agility, and technique.

Who was the first astronaut to land on mars?

No astronaut has ever been to Mars.

How high can an adult jump on Mars?

1 and a half of Earth jump height, approximately

Where might an astronaut look for water on Mars?

At the poles of Mars.

Why can you jump further on Jupiter than mars?

The gravity on Mars is a fraction of Jupiter's gravity. You would not be pulled downward as quickly. It is worth noting that Jupiter does not have a solid surface, which would make it impossible to jump.

What astronaut has been to Mars the planet?


Compare the chances of astronaut on Mars being struck by a meteoroid with the chances of being struck on earth?

Mars> slim to none Earth> 9.67% Reason: No astronaut can make it to Mars

What is the name of that movie where an astronaut and his monkey are surviving on mars?

Robinson Crusue on Mars..

Is Mars rocky or smooth?

Pretty Rocky, and astronauts and NASA think in the span of about 20 years, they will be able to send an astronaut there. Clearly rocky. Just by googling pictures on Mars you see several rocks and such as the surface.

What problems will astronaut find on mars if they go there?

There is no water on mars or sun light and heat

What date did the astronauts come back from the mission to mars?

no astronaut was ever sent to mars