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Q: How healthier is to drink Armadillo milk for people?
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Can you milk an armadillo?

No, you cannot milk an armadillo.

What can you do to make Coca Cola a healthier drink?

by adding milk in it :P by adding milk in it :P

Is it Healthier to drink boil milk or pasteurised milk?

Regardless of treatment/origin it's always better to boil milk.

How do a cat drink milk?

all mammals drink milk from their mothers. its very obvious. i mean, we are mammals and when we were little, we drank milk.

How many servings of milk do you need daily?

A human is supposed to drink 8 glasses of milk a day, but most of the time people don't. Water is healthier for you than milk but milk has protein so u can go either way. But ode say drink 4 glasses of milk and 4 glasses of water to even them out.

When do people drink milk?

people drink milk when they are young to have healthy bones or when they just want to

How has more bone?

OK if, you drink lots of milk it will help u make your bones stronger and healthier.

Why do babies only drink mothers milk?

because it is healthier than formula milk or normal milk. it helps the babies get the nutrients that they need in order to grow and be strong.

Is rice milk healthier than dairy milk?

yes rice milk is healthier xx

How many people drink 2 percent milk?

There is no data for that. Anyone can drink 2% milk one day, and then never drink it again the next day. More people drink 1% milk than 2% milk, however.

Is powder milk healthier than cows milk?

No it is not healthier than cows milk because it is processed.

Can people drink cat milk?

yes of course its milk