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It varies from nerve to nerve (from 1 meter per second to 100 meters per second). The nerves to the voluntary muscles are myelinated, and thus are at the high speed end of speeds.

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Q: How fast does nerves send messages to the brain?
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How does the brain send and recieve messages?

nerves system

How does the brain send messages to the body so fast?

Through nerves; speed : 120 m/s.

What makes up the nervous system and send messages to the brain?

the nerves, the brain, and the spinel cord

What part of the ear where vibrations make nerves send messages to the brain?


Where does the brain send electrical messages to?

cell body to the axon to dendrites

How does the brain send and receive messages from our body?

The brain receive messages from the other parts of the body through nerve impulses.

Oes nerves that carry stimuli lead to or away from the brain and spinal cord?

All the nerves in your body are connected to your spinal nerves which then send messages from different areas in your body up through your central nervous system to your brain. Ex: When you walk your nerves in your feet and legs send a message up into your spine to the brain. So the question isn't really carrying messages toward or away its that it sends messages back and forth through your spine actually.

How does the brain work withe other parts of the body?

Nerves Send Messages To The Different Body Parts

How do the endocrine and nervous systems work together?

Nerves tell glands when to release chemicals. Nerves send messages to glands. Apex- Nerves instruct glands to send out hormones.

How do nerves pass along messages throughout your body?

They send the messages along some cords ing your body from the brain to where ever, and then you do what they say.

How do neurons send messages to each other so that they finally reach the brain?

The dendrite carries messages to the cell. The axon carries messages away from the cell. These messages travel to the nerves ,that goes to the spinal cord, to the brain.

Why do you feel tickling?

You feel tickling because your nerves send messages to your brain telling it something is touching you and tickling you.