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Q: How fast can you get sick from germs.?
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How do you get gems quicker on Animal Jam?

If they have sick or germs,and if they will get germs we have a sick

Does germs always make us sick?

no germs do not always make us sick some are good!

Why do you produce more mucus when you are sick?

so other germs can't get you sick, think of mucus as a wall against germs

What illegal drugs can people smoke that cause you to become sick?

Marijuana can get you sick cuz when its growing germs get on the bud and when you smoke it the germs get into your body and you get sick if you have not had the germ.

What two germs that usually make you sick?

Two of the more common germs that make you sick are from food. They are E. coli and salmonella.

Where does sick come from?

Being sick comes from the passing of germs between individuals. The common cold can be passed just with germs in the air.

Do we need germs?

yes and no. some germs could be bad to your health, for example, germs are the reason you get sick. but that is only a type of germ. there are germs every where! and not ALL of them are bad, some are bad, but not all. therefore, u should be careful with wat you tuch, but dont worry too much because not all germs are bad

How do pathogens grow and spread from host to host?

we have some germs but if we get sick the germs go through the mouth and pathogens grow because the sick person care about you than there germs go to your germs yuck!

Why do we get sick?

because we get germs from everything we touch

Is it safe to eat skin?

No because you have germs on your skin and you can get sick if you inhale or "eat" the Germs or bacteria

If im sick and you get germs on somthing When you get better and touch that object will you get sick again?

i want to no this to

Does a dogs mouth have germs that can make you sick?