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32 miles

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Q: How far is the Pacific Ocean from Wyoming?
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What is the closest ocean current to Wyoming New York?

What is the closest ocean to Cheyenne,Wyoming

Which is smaller Atlantic Ocean or Pacific Ocean?

The Pacific is by far the larger.

How far away is the Pacific Ocean from japan?

Japan is located in the Pacific ocean

Is the Northern Pacific Coast Range a major landform of Wyoming?

No. Wyoming is too far east to contain part of the Northern Pacific Coast Range.

Which ocean covers the most surface area?

The Pacific Ocean is the largest of the world's five oceans, followed by the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean, and Arctic Ocean.

Which is the widest ocean in the world?

The Pacific is by far the largest ocean.

Where do Black dolphins live?

your answer has to be the reef or any far off land ocean like the pacific ocean or the atlantic ocean!

How far is it from nebaj to the Pacific Ocean?

140 miles

Name the waterways that border North America?

I looked on google and it show that North Atlantic ocean, Arctic ocean, and North pacific ocean was the waterways that border north America

How far is the Pacific Ocean from Sacramento?

No, Sacramento is more inland but the whole coast of California is the pacific ocean

Why did Darwin call the pacific ocean badly named?

Because of what Pacific means: disposed to peace or of a peaceful nature. The Pacific Ocean is far from "Peaceful" at times

How far is Anchorage the Pacific Coast?

Which ocean are you talking about? Anchorage is a port city, if you're talking about the Pacific Ocean, there is no distance at all.