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23 miles.

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Q: How far is Gastonia from Charlotte?
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How far is Gastonia from Charlotte NC?

About 15 minutes driving down the highway

How long does it take to get from Charlotte NC to Gastonia NC?

about half an hour

How far is gastonia nc from jacksonville Florida?

just under 400 milesTake I-95 NORTH, from Jacksonville, to I-26 WEST to COLUMBIA at EXIT 86B in SOUTH CAROLINA.Take I-26 WEST to I-77 NORTH to CHARLOTTE at EXIT 116.Take I-77 NORTH to I-85 SOUTH to GASTONIA, via I-485 NORTH to bypass Charlotte (EXIT 1B off I-77 in NORTH CAROLINA to get onto I-485 NORTH ; EXIT 10B off I-485 to get onto I-85 SOUTH to GASTONIA).Take I-85 SOUTH to Gastonia.

How far from Hickory NC to Charlotte NC?

55 miles taking this route: # Take U.S. 321 SOUTH from Hickory to I-85 in Gastonia. Turn right onto I-85 NORTH. # Take I-85 NORTH to Charlotte.

What is the halfway city from Charlotte North Carolina to Granite Falls North Carolina?


What is the Traveling distance between gastonia nc and charlotte nc?

About 43 minutes, if you're driving.

How far is Jacksonville from gastonia NC?

275 miles taking this route:Take I-85 NORTH from Gastonia to I-485 off EXIT 30. Stay right on the exit ramp, then go onto I-485 SOUTH.Take I-485 SOUTH around CHARLOTTE to U.S. 74 EAST to MONROE off EXIT 51B.Take U.S. 74 EAST to U.S. 17 NORTH in WILMINGTON.Follow U.S. 17 NORTH to Jacksonville, NC.

How far is Raleigh NC from Charlotte NC?

About 3 hours

How many miles is lenoir NC from charlotte NC?

73 miles taking this route:Take I-85 SOUTH from Charlotte to U.S. 321 to GASTONIA and LINCOLNTON at EXIT 17.Turn left off the exit ramp, then take U.S. 321 NORTH to Lenoir.

What is the name of some of the city's that are in North Carolina?

Raleigh, Durham, High Point, Boone, Asheboro, Cary, Charlotte

How far is it from gastonia NC to ashville NC?

100 miles following U.S. 74 WEST (via I-26 WEST).

How far is gastonia NC from concord NC?

Gastonia, NC is about 40 miles west of Concord, NC. Depending on traffic, it usually takes around 45-60 minutes to drive between the two cities.