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Rochdale is approximately 170 miles away from Cheltenham. To get there by car you would need to take the following route:

  • Head north from Cheltenham on the A435
  • Take the A422 and then the M40
  • Continue on the M1 and then the M62
  • Take the A627(M) and then the A664
  • Continue onto the A664 and then the A6033
  • Take the A58 and then the A6044
  • Continue onto the A58 then the A663 and then the A664
  • Follow the A627 until you reach Rochdale

It should take you between three and four hours to make the journey.

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Q: How far from cheltenham is rochdale?
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About 216.5 miles.

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How far from Birmingham to cheltenham?

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How far from beaconsfield to Cheltenham?

on the A40 72.6 miles on the M4 99.2 miles

What is the area code for rochdale?

01706 for Rochdale

What is Rochdale's population?

Rochdale's population is 95,796.

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Where is the East Cheltenham Free Library in Cheltenham located?

The address of the East Cheltenham Free Library is: 400 Myrtle Avenue, Cheltenham, 19012 2038

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London is southeast of Cheltenham

What is the population of cheltenham?

The population of Cheltenham is 17, 647