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Q: How far does mucus from sneezing go?
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What is reverse sneezing?

snorting in mucus when it's in your nose.

Why is sneezing important?

Sneezing is important because it is a way to clear the mucus or secretions out of one's nasal passages, sinuses, or lungs.

Is sneezing bad for you?

no not at all it clears mucus from ur throat and other areas

How does sneezing and coughing protect the body from viruses?

They help to expel the viruses caught in the respiratory mucus.

Mucus and pregnancy?

if you are far along in your pregnancy mucus is normal.. nasty but normal if your not to far along contact your doctor

How does tuberculosis reproduce?

Tuberculosis reproduces through the air and often on contact. It is spread through coughing, mucus, sneezing, and reproduces very quickly.

Sneeze a lot during pregnancy?

Increased sneezing during pregnancy is very common. Mucus increases during pregnancy, not just in your cervix!

What do you taste when you sneeze?

Some individuals have stated that they are able to taste something strange after sneezing. This is caused by the old saliva that builds up in the mouth and mucus. Sneezing causes the saliva to be interrupted, thus enabling it to be forced into the part of the mouth, in which it can be tasted.

What is the medical term meaning sneeze?

Air, mucus, saliva, along with whatever made you sneeze. If you are sneezing because of an infection such as a cold or the flu, you will also be sneezing out virus particles with the respiratory droplets. This is why you should always cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze, so you don't spread infections before you even know you have a virus.

A sneezing hamster should go to vet or stay?

A sneeze once in a while is okay. If your hamster is sneezing every five minutes, you should go to the vet.

How is fifth disease transmitted?

Fifth disease is transmitted mainly through saliva, sputum, nasal mucus and can also be spread through the air by sneezing and coughing from an infected person.

Do dogs caugh?

NO but they do hack it is like coughing but not quite