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Q: How far can a droplet travel after a cough or sneeze?
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Can you get sick from a sneeze or cough?

Yes, you can, provided it is someone else's sneeze or cough. Airborne pathogens travel very far from the person who openly sneezes, and coughs can also release airborne pathogens that others can pick up.

How far does a sneeze travel?

about 6 feet.

How far does a droplet in spray of perfume typically travel in still air?


How far can a cough travel?

When you cough or sneeze the germs can go very far. Large droplets fall in a few feet but clouds of very tiny droplets float in the air and can float across the room or far enough to become sucked into the ventilation system and distributed to all parts of the house.

When you sneeze how far does it reach?

Are you sneezing into the wind or indoors? Are you sneezing uphill or downhill? These are all factors on sneeze distance. :) The real answer is that once you sneeze, your germs become airborne and can travel for miles.

How far do bacteria travel when you sneeze?

A simple sneeze spray an average of 40,000 droplets of saliva and mucous but some sneezes can go up to about 60,000 to 120,000 droplets. It lingers around in the air for about 12 hours and you also might smell your own sneeze. The air from a sneeze can travel 10 ft away but the wet spray travels and infects people 5 ft away. Simple sneeze: Achoo!= 40,000 droplets Wet sneeze: Ha-Isshhoo!= 60,000 to 120,000 droplets happy sneezing

How far does a cough go?

How far does a cough go

How far do germs travel when you Cough without covering your mouth?

As long as three elephants end to end!

How far do sneeze germs travel in the air?

As long as the air takes them. It depends on the wind speed at the moment and the extent to which it has been thrown.

How far does a sneeze go?

Cover Your Mouth!The spray radius of a sneeze is 15 feet. A sneeze is a reflex response using the muscles of the face, throat and,chest,releasing up to 40,000 droplets...The droplets of a sneeze can travel as fast as 150 feet a second, so If a sneeze takes a little less than a tenth of a second then the answer would be around 15ft, I'd guesstimate the maximum straight line projection at 12 ft.

How far do sneeze germs go?

As far as i know,it travels approximately 150mph

What is highest recorded sneeze speed?

Well according to FerrariF50man's Experiment on Youtube ''Does a sneeze travel at 70mph?''The answer is basically 'no' because the sneeze power out of your nose feels like it travel fast but it really travels at about 23mph / 30kph! :)A sneeze can basically travel at the speed of 23 miles per an hour.WELL...According to Myth Busters it's 39 MPHit is 165km per hour