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Q: How etiological hazards harm the body?
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What is the meaning of etiological and non etiological?

Oil ments

What are etiological questions?

Etiological questions are questions that inquire about the origin or cause of something.

What is Hazards and Risks?

Risks and hazards are events or objects that put the health and welfare of people in danger. A hazard is an intrinsic property of an object, system or substance to cause damage or harm. Risk is the chance of an event bringing that damage or harm.

Ano ang kahulugan ng etiological at non-etiological?

kain kau titi jakol kau

What is the difference between hazards and threats?

Hazards are potential sources of harm or danger, such as natural disasters or chemical spills, while threats are deliberate or intentional actions that could cause harm, like cyber attacks or terrorism. Hazards are typically more passive and occur due to natural or environmental factors, whereas threats involve human intent to cause harm.

What is the difference between hazards and risks in chemistry?

Hazards refer to the inherent properties of a substance that could cause harm, such as toxicity or flammability. Risks, on the other hand, assess the likelihood and potential consequences of exposure to a hazard, taking into account factors like exposure level and duration. In chemistry, understanding both hazards and risks is crucial for managing and controlling chemical safety effectively.

What are folktales that explain the past called?


What is a safety hazard in work?

aspect of work environment that have the potential of causing immediate and sometimes violent harm or even death to an employee. Safety hazards include poorly maintained equipment, unsafe machinery, expose to hazardous chemicals. potential injuries include lost of hearing, body part, burn, broken bones. Hazards may include: chemical hazards, fall hazards, slip hazards, confined spaces hazards, health hazards and more. That's why it is very important to get an expert analyze the site safety first as there are a lot of elements out there that can be dangerous for the workers.

What is a physical hazzard?

A physical hazard is something within the environment that can harm the body without necessarily touching it. Vibration, excessive noise, working at heights, are classed as physical hazards.

Damage or harm to the body is defined as a?

Damage or harm to the body is defined as a...............INJURY!

Damage or harm to the body is defined as?

An injury is defined as harm or damage that is done (to the body).

Does it harm your body if you smoke bath salt?

Yes. Smoking anything will harm your body.