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Q: How does your throat keep germs away?
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You keep foods away from the germs?

No. Germs are everywhere, therefore it is impossible to keep food away from germs. No matter where you put your food, there will be germs.

What is the job of the hair in the nose?

to keep the germs away the hair traps the germs

Are cilia present in throat?

Yes, cilia are present in the throat. They are tiny hair-like structures that line the respiratory tract, including the throat, and help in moving mucus and foreign particles out of the airways.

How can people get a swep t throat?

Strep throat is an infection. People get it from germs.

Does anyone know why I have two small white spots and a couple of pimples on back of throat but yet throat swab normal?

My best guess is a puss pocket, the "pimples" growing are soon to be puss pockets. A puss pocket is a white gross think on ur throat that carries infection. The best way to get rid of it is gargle with warm salt water about twice a day, when you wake up and when you go to bed, this will kill all the germs that are infecting your throat. It may takes a few days to go away. You know when the infection is out cuz it falls out and usually you spit it out. (Gross) I suggest keep gargling for a little bit after the white dots are gone. This will keep the germs away. For me I had a really sore throat after they were gone and it hurt every time i swallowed.. but that was a while after... I hope this was useful :D

Is germs germs go away is a good slogan for keeping germs away?

BANG. and the dirt is gone :)

What is the sentence of phlegm?

Phlegm is a sticky substance produced by the respiratory system to help trap and clear away germs and irritants.

What do the hairs in your nose and the mucus in your throat accomplish when you inhale?

They filter germs and pollutants.

Can you get hemorrhoids from a dirty toilet?

Yes can be if the germs come in contact, actually a dirty toilet is a house of diseases always better to keep away.

Why does your throat keep burning?

You may have a sore throat or strep throat

Where can one find tonsil illnesses?

Tonsil illness causes problems with throat - which can result in sore throat, sleeping and breathing disorder. Tonsil illness affects throat filters and reduces ability of the throat to filter bacteria and germs.

How can not brushing your teeth get you the cold?

The germs are in the back of your throat, & it starts to buildup when you don't brush your teeth. (: