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Q: How does your body feel when you are standing in the shade Why?
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Is it correct to say I am standing under the shade?

It's an incomplete sentence. You need to say what is providing the shade. I'm standing under the shade of a tree. Otherwise, you can say - I'm standing in the shade. The better way to say it is, "I am standing in the shade."

What does a solar eclipse do to your body?

Nothing whatsoever. Being in a solar eclipse is like standing in the light, then moving into the shade. That's all it is; shade.

Does a solar eclipse affect the temperature?

Yes, a little. If you are standing in the sunlight waiting for the eclipse to begin, the shade of totality can feel a little chilly, much as it does when a cloud moves across the Sun and blocks the sunlight.

Is it correct to say The shade makes us feel cool?


What does standing in holy places mean?

Standing in holy places means, is a place that you feel holy in and are not tempted to do bad things. It can also be a place where you feel comfortable and feel the spirit.

Why do you feel like your standing upright when your on the bottom of the world?

you feel standing up on the bottom of the world because of gravity pulling you to the center of the earth.

How does a newt keep its body cool?

by going in the shade or in water

How did Lord Ullin feel standing at the fatal shore?


Why can someone standing next to me feel heat coming from my body?

Probably mainly through radiation of infrared light. Some transfer through conduction or convection is also possible.

Is the body recumbent in anatomical position?

No, the body is standing in the anatomical position

Why do you feel pleasant sitting under a tree on a sunny day?

You feel cool under a tree because it blocks out the sunlight (the heat and the light) so the area in the shade becomes cooler.

What shade of beige is best for a cats room?

Whatever shade you feel goes best with her fur. Cats do not perceive color the way we do, and don't care much about the color of the rooms they are in.