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Q: How does your body desolve a blood clot?
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Why blood doesn't clot inside body?

Blood doesn't clot inside of the body because it is all working together. Some blood may clot in the body, which causes blood clots. This is caused by blockages. Blood that doesn't clot has a wide flow.

What builds up in the body if blood does not flow out of the capillaries?

Blood clot

What builds up in the body if blood does flow out of the capillaries?

Blood clot

How does your body form a blood clot?

your body use dicks to spread it out

What are the dangers of having a blood clot?

There are several dangers of having a blood clot. Examples of dangers of having a blood clot include blocking flow to organs and blocking flow to tissues in the body.

What is blood clot that is moving through the body called?


What is the blood clot that is moving through the body called?


Why doesn't blood clot inside the body?

Sometimes blood does clot inside your body - if there is an injury or a rough place like plaque in the blood vessel, the body will form a clot around that place. Other than that, however, your blood has natural anticoagulants that keep it from clotting as it moves around the body.

What will happen if platelets will be not there in the body be?

Whenever a blood vessel is injured, platelets accumulate at the site of injury and help in formation of a blood clot. The clot seals the wound in the blood vessel and prevents blood loss. But if all the blood platelets are removed from blood, blood will not clot and there will be a lot of blood loss.It may even lead to the death of the person

Is it possible to get a blood clot traveling through the body after Wisdom Teeth extraction?

Obese people have an increased risk of thrombosis, which is a blood clot traveling through the body, after wisdom tooth extraction.

Why does blood clumping cause death?

A clot can differ in size and where it is clogging the blood vessel. When a clot happens, blood flow slows down, if the clot is not caught or does not exert the body then death can come about. One should be careful if smoking, or eating fatty or greasy foods as these are usualy high in cholestoral. Blood pumps through your heart and into your lungs and your body. If there is a clot anywhere in your body or lungs and there is either a stopage of blood flow due to the heart being overlfowed with blood or the fact that there isn't any coming back into the hear. Blood has to flow through your body at all times and if there is a clot that is stopping it from flowing then that is where death is caused.

What happens to the blood clot after a tooth extractiondoes it break down?

After a tooth extraction, a blood clot forms in the empty socket to help with healing and protect the area. The blood clot serves as a scaffold for new tissue growth. Over time, the blood clot will break down and be replaced by new tissue as the extraction site heals.