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Q: How does your body cool itsself on a hot day?
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How do you manage to cool your body in hot day?

eat and drink fruits vegetables

On a hot summer day in everladges what does an alligator do?

They need to go into cool water to keep its body temperature cool

Why does sweat cool you down?

because when it is a hot day,you sweat for you to cool down.sweat cool you down is because it is also water.

Does your body release water whether its a cold or hot day?

Yes. The body takes advandage of the options it has to expel waste that the body does not need. Hot day: we sweat it out, also to keep the body cool. Cool day: just the regular way, urine. But theres is almost always some water that escapes because of our body heat. If you look above you head on a cold day you may see steam coming off you.

Why do birds ruffle their feathers on a hot day?

Just like humans sweat to cool there body down, birds ruffle their feathers to cool themselves down

Does the time of day affect your body's temperature?

Loest temeprature is in the morning. Details at:,1510,5957,00.html

Human body depends on what to cool itself in hot environments?

The human body depends on the evaporation of perspiration to cool itself in hot environments.

'What does the human body depend on to cool itself during hot weather?

sweating is how the body cools itself down.

How come you feel cool on a hot day when the fan is blowing even though the air being blown is hot?

because no matter waht temp. the air is, air wipes of the body heat from your skin so you will be cool

How does the skin cool the body down when its hot?


What does your body do when you are hot?

It sweats to cool your body off. The sweat prevents your body from overheating.

Why do you feel hotter after running on a hot day?

When you run on a normal cool or even cold day, when you have finished running you are hot. If it is hot to start with before your run, you are going to get hotter, hotter than running on a cool day.