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our body has blood which contains w b c which removes germs and fights against the germs

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Q: How does your body battle against germs?
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The skin acts as a barrier against germs and also controls body temperature?

True. The skin acts as a barrier against germs and also controls body temperature.

Why do you need germs on your body?

The human body can handle some germs in the body it helps the body learn to fight and build up an immunity. The body will learn what is foreign like a bacteria and fight against it to promote health. A flu shot is putting a little bit of the flu germs in our body so the body can build up antibodies against it.

What is the role of a vaccine?

A vaccination is weakened germs of a disease. When you get injected with these germs, your body build an immunity against it, so when you really get the disease, your body can fight it off.

What happens if you eat food that a housefly lands on?

Probably nothing special. Flies can carry germs but germs are everywhere and you your body has defenses against them.

What covers your body and stops microbes from getting in?

Skin is the outer covering of the body that protects against microbes and germs.

How do gearms make the body sick?

Our own immune defence makes the body sick while reacting against germs. Germs themselves have only minor contribution to the feeling of sickness.

What the white blood cells do?

they protect your body against any disease or any bad germs

What do the white blood cells?

they protect your body against any disease or any bad germs

Cite evidence that demonstrates the intensity if the battle over the body?

Battle against body fat is evidence that demonstrates the intensity of the battle over the body

What parts of the body protect against germs and disease?

The skin provides physical protection, gastric fluid in the stomach kills germs due to its high acidity, etc...

Do germs hide and attack unexpectedly?

No, germs are not alive and attack your body emediantly. Also you can prevent germs by being healthy and washing your body regularly.

What does white cells do when germs get in to the body?

Your white blood cells are the soldiers of your body. They defend you against bacteria, tumors, and other foreign substances.