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Q: How does tissue regeneration increase life expectancy?
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What is life expectancy for patient with mixed connective tissue disease?

A patient with mixed connective tissue disease will require a doctor's care. The doctor will diagnose, treat, and assist the patient in understanding life expectancy and outcome.

Can eating healthily increase your life expectancy?

Yes. By giving your body the nutrients it needs you can increase life expectancy by a significant amount. Eating organic foods and staying away from things such as high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, and MSG will all help your life expectancy.

Did life expectancy increase because of better?

Because of better condition

Did life expectancy increase because of better Hygiene?

Because of better condition

What is the approximate change in life expectancy from the 1950s to today?

Life expectancy has increased by around 20-30 years from the 1950s to today, depending on the country. Improvements in healthcare, sanitation, nutrition, and medical advancements have contributed to this significant increase in life expectancy.

What did agricultural production in England in the late 1700s directly contribute to?

An increase in life expectancy

What are the main reasons that life expectancy has increased worldwide?

Statistically speaking, the single main reason behind the low average life expectancy in thedeveloping?world is due to the very high number of child deaths (high infant mortality rates). Once childhood is survived people in developing countries often live to old ages. Thus,average?life expectancy can be greatly increased by significantly reducing the childhood (in particular, infant) mortality,?without?actually increasing the average age people live to as an adult. E.g. if 20% of a population dies in childhood (before 15), reducing that rate in half (to 10%) can result in a +5 year increase in?average?life expectancy, even if the average age of death for those OVER 15 doesn't change at all.?

What is the life expectancy of a patient with Marfan syndrome?

Recent advances in Marfan syndrome treatment have prolonged the life expectancy of patients considerably. Changes in how the syndrome is treated, including medication, surgical interventions, and monitoring for complications of the syndrome (eg, aneurysms), are all responsible for the increase in life expectancy. The prolongation in life expectancy can be seen by taking a look at statistics from 1972, in which the life expectancy was 32 years, and from 1996, where patients with Marfan syndrome had a life expectancy of 61 years.

Is life expectancy determined at birth?

No life expectancy is not determined at birth. Life expectancy is determined by a variety of factors. Factors that influence life expectancy are quality of life, health factors, environment, location, family life among others. Exercise and eating habits influence our life expectancy, smoking and alcohol as well as illegal (and legal) drug use (abuse) can lead to a lower life expectancy. Health care and technology will generally improve throughout peoples' lives leading to an increase in life expectancy.

What is the relationship between GDP per capita and life expectancy?

There is a positive correlation between GDP per capita and life expectancy, meaning that as GDP per capita increases, life expectancy tends to increase as well. Higher GDP can lead to better access to healthcare, improved living conditions, and overall better quality of life, which can contribute to increased life expectancy.

Can golf make you live longer?

yes of course, it increase the life expectancy by 40000 years

Increased agricultural production in England in the late 1700s contributed directly to?

an increase in life expectancy