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Q: How does the skeliton system keepy body healthy?
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What body system allows your body's movement?


What does the skeliton system do?

It keeps/supports your body up and protects your inner organs(your heart, lunges, brain, mussles, etc...)

Why do you have a skeliton?

so the body could stand and sit

How do you make a skeliton in torture game 3?

#1 nail the person.head arms and legs.#2 get the shotgun and shoot him head to feet. #3 get the razor all over his body #4 you can paint your made skeliton any couler you like #5 finally you take the nails of the skeliton/body thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you keep the musuclar system healthy?

By reading Twilight!!! and exercising. and eating healthy. everything you do to keep your body healthy, will keep the system healthy.

How can a healthy lifestyle support the body system of the nervous system's choice?

A healthy lifestyle supports many of the human body's functions. Eating healthy and regular exercise provide optimal nutritional support for the nervous system.

How does the skeletal system keep the body healthy?

Gives the body its shape.

How do you keep your body system healthy?

eat right\

How does the muscular system keep body healthy?


How does the muscular system keep you body healthy?


How does the integumentary system keep the body healthy?

it helps regulate the body's temperature

What does vitamins keep what part of the body healthy?

the digestive system and the respitory system