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If you are in a bad enviroment, you live a pretty bad life. If you live in a good enviroment, you have a better life.

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Q: How does the environment affect a person lifestyle?
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Does a person's environment affect breast growth?

No, a person's environment does not affect breast growth, although nutrition will have some effect on the size of breasts.

How does the environment and lifestyle factors affect the condition of the skin?

Wind, rain, ultraviolet radiation from the sun, smoking, sleep, stress, alcohol can all affect the skin.

Is emphysema caused from a person's lifestyle?

NO, emphysema cannot be solely blamed on a person's lifestyle. Emphysema is caused by any of a number of lung irritants, which affect the alveoli and trigger the production of excess phlegm.

How does aids affects your lifestyle?

Does your lifestyle affect whether or not you get aids?

How can a doctor could affect a person's lifestyle?

A doctor could affect a person's lifestyle through; for example:warning him/her of the passive impact of smoking on his/her health or on pregnancy of the womanwarning him/her of the passive impact of some food styles on his/her wight, blood pressure, cholesterol, ... etcadvising practicing some sports, walking, bicycling, ... etc

How do fault's affect the environment?

How do faults affect the environment

How can amnesia affect your lifestyle?


How does alcohol affect your lifestyle?

Because it does.

What are the factors that affect positive emotions in work environment?

Good working environment, healthy surroundings are some. They make a person cheerful at work.

What is the sum of all external conditions that affect a person?

environment (nature)... especially the affects of learning

What was it about their lifestyle or environment that forced them to be so transient?


What will be Human lifestyle impact on environment?

Go Green!