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Q: How does the characteristics of water help body?
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What is a water mass?

a body of water that has certain characteristics and properties depending on its place of origin

What were some of the physical characteristics of Jesus' body after the crucifixion?

water and blood

What are the special characteristics of the fern that help it adapt to its environment?

It's thick body..

What is the major function of water in the body?

Water is essential for human beings to live and makes up 65-90% of our body.

Does water help wash out drugs in your body?

Yes, the water washes out the drug from your body!

What do water help to dissolve in human body?

Water help dissolve apple in bodyies

What physical characteristics help fish live in water?

fins, gills, and tails

What are the characteristics of the bone in the body?

What are the characteristics of the bone in the body?

What characteristics of water help support life?

What Property of water makes it able to support life?

Why does drinking water help your body?

Your body needs water to survive. Water is why your blood, sweat, and other things are liquids.

How does water help your body systems?

Your body is 70% water. Without it, you would dehydrate and eventually die.

How much of human body weight is from water?

If you are an adult, your body water is about 60%. If you are not young, your body water is about 55%. If you are still a baby, your body water is about 75%. If you are still in your mom's tummy, your body water is about 90%. Hope it will help.