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Even when your asleep your brain is still at work. When we fall asleep we go through different stages. Some scientist think that when you fall asleep the brain sorts information it has been receiving during the day. Some information gets rid of and some gets filled in your memories. :)

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Q: How does the brain work when your asleep?
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Why does the brain work more while you're asleep?

Because you are sleeping

Does the brain work better in the day or night?

your brain is more active when it is asleep. because you have to consider it has to keep track on when it is going to wake up.

When is the brain the most active?

it is most active when your asleep because it goes over what you did, learned, and saw.

When a person is asleep the brain produces no electrical activity?


What happens when your asleep?

Usually you dream. You're brain is more active when it's asleep than it ever is when you're awake.

Why is half of my brain feel asleep?

Not necessarily. The brain is constantly working regardless of whether you're awake or asleep. Some areas, however, will be more active when sleep and some when you're awake.

What happens in your brain when you are asleep?

it is a memory or a vision but most of the time it is an illusion

Why do you dream when asleep?

when you have nightmares it is just the brain playing tricks on you perhaps off something you thought off before you fell asleep

What is reason of yawning?

The reason for yawning is to send oxygen to the brain in order to replenish it, it's basically your brain falling asleep on you.

Why you are unconcious after drinking a lot of alcohol?

Your frontal lobe in your brain falls asleep.

How do Skeletal muscles work when you are asleep explain?

the brain has 2 powerful systems work together to paralyze skeletal muscles during rapid eye movement sleep according to reaserch scientist may have better understanding

What part of the system makes you breathe while you are asleep?

Your nervous system. Special nerve centers in the brain stem control breathing when you are at rest or asleep.