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that is a natural instinct....your brain tells you to breath just like it tells the heart to keep on pumping blood into your body

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Q: How does the body remember to breathe while sleeping?
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Why do you breathe while sleeping?

Because you would die if you did not. Breathing is an autonomic function of the body. It does not require constant attention.

Why does your body get cold while sleeping?

I believe when your tired, you get cold. When you sleeping, you are very tired. You get cold while sleeping because you are tired

Why do we need to breathe all day and all night?

You need to breathe all day and night to keep oxygen in your blood. Your body requires oxygen even when you are sleeping.

Can you lose weight by sleeping?

Yes. When you have been working out, your body will continue to lose weight while sleeping (if you have worked out, too remember). Research links 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night to faster calorie burning.

Why would a sleeping person breathe less than when awake?

When you are asleep your body is not doing a great deal and as a result needs less oxygen and therefore needs to breathe less.

Does your hair grow faster while you are sleeping?

Yes, your hair does grow faster while you are sleeping. This is because sleep is necessary to maintain your body. When you're at rest, your body has time to recuperate.

Does your body get paralyzed while sleeping?

yes and its so you dont act out your dreans

Do redheads emit more body heat than normal while sleeping?


Which body waste is excreted each time you breathe out?

It is carbon dioxide, a metabolic waste. But remember, most of it is retain in the body to adjust the pH.

What do you know that your body uses energy while you are sleeping?

Yes your body is always using energy no matter what you are doing.

What causes you to break out in a sweat while sleeping?

Sweating is a positive feedback from the body, as a tool to cool down the body. Generally if you are sweating while sleeping, it is because your body is to hot. Try removing blankets and/or cooling of your home. If the problem persists, seek a professional opinion.

Is sleeping chemical energy?

No, sleeping is not related to form of energy. Though, while sleeping, body would go through sequence of chemical energy change to repair our cells.