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sweating.... if the body becomes too hot blood vessels in the dermis vasodilate to allow extra blood flow so more heat can be lost from the skins surface and sweat glands in the skin produce more sweatt which evaporates drawing away body heat.

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Q: How does the body cool down from a fever?
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What way can the body can cool down from a fever?

Easiest is to take a cool bath.

Which is a the body can cool down from a fever?

by making more sweat

Which is the way the body can cool down from fever?

by making more sweat

Which is a way the body can cool down from fever?

by making more sweat

How do you cool down a fever for a 71 year old man with pneumonia?

To help cool down a fever in a 71-year-old man with pneumonia, you can try using a cool washcloth on his forehead, ensuring proper hydration with water or electrolyte drinks, and give him a fever-reducing medication like acetaminophen as directed by a healthcare provider. It's important to monitor his temperature and seek medical advice if the fever persists or worsens.

What is mechanisms to cool the body down?

sweat is a mechanism to cool the body down. the body creates sweat, so it can cool itself down.

How might a high fever affect a person heart and breathing rates?

The heart rate is high as the body pumps more blood trying to cool itself down.

What does your body to automatically to cool down or warm up?

your body sweats to cool down and shivvers to stay warm

How do camels cool down?

Camels cool down in various ways. For instance, they have the ability to fluctuate their body temperature which will help in the cooling down of the body.

How does the body cool us down?

The body cools us down using sweat. Did you know buzzards cool down their bodies by puking on their feet? -gag-

What are the role of the sweat gland in the body?

to cool the body down

Why does sweat cool you down?

because when it is a hot day,you sweat for you to cool down.sweat cool you down is because it is also water.