How does the blood flow?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Blood flows through arteries (from the heart), veins (to the heart) and capillaries. The heart pumps oxygenated blood out of the aorta and it circulates throughout the body providing oxygen to the muscles and organs (both voluntary and involuntary). The deoxygenated blood returns to the heart through veins. Veins have valves to stop blood flowing in the wrong direction. So the blood returns to the heart though both the superior and inferior vena cava and is then carried to the lungs where it is re-oxygenated, carried back to the heart and again pumped out the aorta. All in all the heart makes blood flow.

A blood flow is the blood pumped from the heart to all parts of body through arteries and flow back through veins.

A blood flow can also be normal menstruation, or a uterus vaginal problem.

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Q: How does the blood flow?
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What is the blood flow in the body?

The flow or blood

What is blood flow resistance?

The resistance of blood flow is what?

What is blood flow generated by?

The flow of blood times the resistance of the blood vessels.

Is blood flow faster in veins?

Blood flow is faster in arteries than in veins. Blood flow in veins is lower pressure.

Does alcohol stimulate blood flow?

Yes, it stimulates blood flow.

What is peripheral blood flow?

Peripheral blood flow refers to blood flow that occurs in the extremities as opposed to blood that flows to the brain, heart, lungs, and vital organs.

What are the three major circuits of the blood?

Systemic circuit- blood flow in the body Coronary circuit- blood flow in the heart Pulmonary circuit - blood flow in the lungs


Blood cells are a part of blood. Blood is not a part of blood cells. Blood can't flow backward and forward within blood cells. Blood cells can flow backward and forward within blood.

What is the blood flow from kidney to diaphragm?

steps of blood flow from heart to kidney

What are the mechanism for adequate renal blood flow?

Blood flow is detected by the mechanism of

What does the process of blood flow with your body called?

blood flow is called circulation

If the cause of erections is blood flow why do you not have a constant erection?

The cause of an erection is not simply blood flow, but rather INCREASED blood flow. When a man gets aroused, the body increases blood flow to the penis which causes the erection.