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Q: How does sugar free gum affect your teeth?
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Does sugarfree gum whiten teeth?

There has been no evidence that sugar free gum actually whitens your teeth. Regular toothpaste does that.

What gum is sugar free and non-stick?

Trident "good for your teeth" has 30% less calories than the sugar and it does not stick to your teeth. It's the closets i could find to sugar free and non-stick

What is the difference in sugar free gum and gum with sugar?

Gum with sugar has real sugar and sugar-free gum has a sugar substitute but it tastes like sugar.

Is chewing gum or acid drops worse for your teeth?

Gum, as long as it is sugar free. Acid drops, obviously contain acids which wear away at the enamel of your teeth and can eventually cause stains. Sugar free gum on the other hand does not have the negative effects of staining or wearing away of the enamel.

Is sugar-free gum or sugar gum more popular?


Does the flavor last longer on sugar free gum or regular gumDoes sugar free gum flavor last longer than regular gum?

Sugar free gum lasts longer than regular non sugar free gum and ypur stupid for asking that.

Why does sugar gum last longer then sugar-free gum?

-Sugar Gum Blows A Bigger Bubble Then Sugar Free Gum because It Sticksss

Does sugar free gum last longer than sugar gum?

Sugar free gum has alchoholic sugars

Does bubble gum clean teeth?

Yes, Hubba Babba gum has a lot of sugar that can damage your teeth and cause your teeth to get cavity's. Eat sugar-free gum like orbit, stride, 5 gum, and trident because those gum are actually proven to be good for your teeth. Chew on!

How could chewing gum harm your teeth?

the sugar in the gum can wear your teeth down :(

What is the difference between regular chewing gum and sugar free chewing gum?

Sugar free chewing gum has no sugar in it.

Can people tell the difference between regular gum and sugar free gum?

sugar free gum has no sugar in it ,but regular gum has more sugar. more sugar in gum causes people to be diabetics