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The nicotine invades the glands and is toxic therefore hormonal activity is adversely affected. Very serious problems for diabetics who should never smoke.

Additionally, it decreases levels of an certain female hormones and it alters the hormonal regulation of body weight and the distribution of body fat. In addition, it increases the risk of several diseases of the endocrine system. Smoking saps the body of vitamin C placing the immune system under stress as well as the adrenal glands which are responsible for the secretion and regulation of hormones throughout the body. This is why some smokers may crave citrus juices. Correct balance of the endocrine system relies heavily on pure, clean air, good quality nutrients that are easily absorbed into the blood stream and low levels of stress. Smoking places the entire body organism under increased stressed by decreasing the amount of oxygen available to transport around the body. Decreased oxygen results in poor nutrient absorption, imbalanced hormone production and regulation and places increased pressure on the glands in the brain. Smoking is a systemic hazard affecting numerous parts of the body and its various systems.

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Q: How does smoking affect the endocrine system?
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