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spreading and having diseases could be prevented through sanitation

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Q: How does sanitation affect your health?
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How does overcrowding affect health?

Mainly by decreasing sanitation, thus increasing disease.

What is the rules of sanitation and health?

Rules of sanitation and health

Does lack of safe water and sanitation affect the wealth of the population?

Yes since health would effect productivity.

Effects of sanitation?

The effects of sanitation are directly associated with the health of a region. Most places where there is poor sanitation there will be multiple cases of health hazards.

What has the author C Karamagi written?

C. Karamagi has written: 'Tororo Disrict sanitation survey' -- subject(s): Environmental health, Health aspects, Health aspects of Sanitation, Sanitation

What are the component of sanitation and how do we accelerate sanitation?

its a hygine we should keep our health good

Why must health and sanitation be a community undertaking?

Health and sanitation should be a community/government undertaking as these things are a widespread interest. Good health and sanitation keep the whole community healthy, clean, and safe--this should be of interest to everyone.

Importance of sanitation?

Sanitation is very important in cooking because many foods have germs until they are cooked. Proper sanitation techniques should be followed to avoid food-borne illness that can make you sick or kill you.

Who had the first health sanitation system?

me can you guss who i am

What is improper sanitation?

Improper sanitation or poor sanitation refers to the unhygienic condition that might affect the environment. The most common disease that poor sanitation may cause is diarrhea.

What reforms movements was based on health concerns?


Who began the public health and sanitation systems?